Nothgard – Age Of Pandora (2014)[320 kbps]

Country: Germany
Genre: Epic Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Release date:
Quality: [email protected] 320 kbps

 photo 1195780_zps15f7a729.jpg
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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream – Beyond Space And Time (2014)[320 kbps]

Country: France
Genre: Epic Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Symphonic Metal
Release date: September 6th, 2014
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Folkearth – Balder’s Lament (2014)[320 kbps]

Country: International
Genre: Epic, Folk, Viking Metal
Release date: May 15th, 2014
Quality: [email protected] 320 kbps

 photo 421465_zpse20abd90.jpg
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Magma Dragon – Full Attack Action (2014)[320 kbps]

Country: USA
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal, Epic Metal
Release date: August 12th, 2014
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Manilla Road – Discography [320 kbps]

Country: USA
Genre: Epic, Heavy, Power Metal
Years active: 1977-1992, 1994-Present
Quality: [email protected] 320 kbps


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Equilibrium – Discography [320 kbps]

Country: Germany.
Genre: Epic Folk/Viking Metal.
Lyrical themes: Scandinavian & Germanic Tales.
Years active: 2001-Present.
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