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  • Andrea

    This website is amazing !!! thanks for all!!
    You rule !!!

    • sunnavend

      Thank you!

  • malcolm.nuo.xu

    Dear Admin, thank you for the hard work. I remember in the old valhallametal site there was the discography of PORCUPINE TREE. I wonder if you can re-up that post plz? Thanks in advance for your efforts!!

  • Mayra de Carvalho

    This site is amazing! Thank you so much! o/
    What happened with Mega downloads? It was so fast…

  • Gabriel

    Thanks for all your hard work!!! this site truly rocks m/ recently I tried to download the album Super Collider by Megadeth but unfortunately it seems it was deleted from mega 🙁 could you please upload it again? 😀 thanx

  • Yonatan

    Awsome website! keep on with the exellnt job! you have my gratitude! 🙂

    • sunnavend

      Thanks! I really appreciate the support!

  • Isanatha ÎßĻįs Satanica

    Dear Admin,
    Link not found @MEGA – Equilibrium – Discography.. Reupload Please..
    BTW This site is Amazing..

    • sunnavend

      I’m in the process to restore all mega files that have been deleted. Thanks for reporting this, it will make the process faster!

  • Netang


    It would be a lot easier if the files could be downloaded via uTorrent!
    The site is amazing btw.

    • Philippe Duval

      Or via uptobox, 1fichier or uplea.

  • Philippe Duval

    Will you upload the new Sulphur Aeon entitled Gateway To The Antisphere ?

  • Garethjohnaka Dilligafaka Page

    How do you download???

  • David Nicolas

    i need the password of the albuns Primo Victoria, Heroes, The Art Of War and Carolus Rex from the band Sabaton, pleaseee!!

    • sunnavend

      It should be: vmd

      • David Nicolas

        thanks bro for metal!!!

  • Dude888

    Hello, excellent work. I’ve been following the page for a while and I’ve never found a problem.

    P.S. Could you upload some Enochian Theory pls? Thanks!

  • Here’s Johnny

    Hey, there is a browser check that lasts 5 secs before going to VMD now. Do you know what this is? I use Chrome.

    • sunnavend

      Yes, don’t worry about that. The site has been under attack the last two days so it’s just to enforce security.

      • Here’s Johnny

        Thought so, DOS attack? Just thought i’d check.

  • Death

    Can you reupload the Death Discography? All links are unluckly dead

  • Necromancer

    Dear admin, thanks for this work!
    you can download the discography of happy days :3 ?
    it’s a wonderful band depressive black 😀

  • Rick C.

    Just wondering. The volume for Sodom’s: Persecution Mania is really low. Is that just how the album is or was there some sort of error?

    • sunnavend

      Not sure what to tell you. I downloaded the album from the uploaded link to check it and sounds fine to me.

      • Rick C.

        It sounds fine, It’s just the volume level is so low compared to everything else.

  • Eduardo Maria Bosco

    Gracias por los discos de Soda Stereo y Gustavo Cerati a un año de su descenso… Gracias amigo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Que Dios bendiga tu blog amigo!!